GMC A/C Service

At Patriot Buick GMC, our GMC service center is equipped to handle any and all of your maintenance needs. When it comes to service, though, one system can often be overlooked: your air-conditioning.

Here’s an overview of a/c service.

How Does A/C Work?

The a/c in your GMC vehicle converts a pressurized refrigerant from a gaseous to liquid state, cools and dries it, and then disperses it through your car. At least once a year, we recommend you have you’re a/c system fully serviced, but twice a year is ideal.

You’ll want to pay close attention to you’re a/c during the warmer spring months, as they lead into the hotter summer season. Keeping you’re a/c running at its peak levels not only makes your ride more comfortable, but it improves your gas mileage while making you vehicle more environmentally friendly.

A/C System and Parts

As your car’s a/c runs, it is exposed to all kinds of potential stressors: heat from the engine, constant vibrations, fast stops, dirt and debris, and can be jarred by bumps and curb hits.

The GMC parts that will likely need repair or replacement if something happens are below:


  • This takes in low temperature and low-pressure refrigerant and compresses it into high temperature, high pressure gas.
  • It’s mounted to the front of the engine and driven by a serpentine belt, which can break.


  • This lowers the temperature of the refrigerant while maintaining its high pressure.
  • As it cools, the refrigerant changes from its gaseous state to liquid.
  • Uses forced air to transfer heat.
  • It’s mounted in front of the vehicle, behind the grill.


  • This removes water from the refrigerant and utilizes some system-filtering functions.
  • This is mounted on the high-pressure side of the system, between the dryer and the firewall.

Metering Device

  • This lowers the refrigerant pressure and drops the temperature.
  • This is mounted on the high-pressure side of the system, between the dryer and the firewall.


  • Refrigerant becomes gaseous again, which causes the cooling effect.
  • As it blows across the evaporator, the cabin air becomes cooled and dried.
  • This is in the passenger space, behind the dashboard.

Any of these components can throw your system out of whack if not serviced. Make sure and schedule a service visit at Patriot Buick GMC and have you’re a/c checked out. Get in contact with our team of service technicians and GMC dealers today!