Can You Finance Used Cars?

By securing Buick financing, you can purchase a vehicle you might not have been able to normally. It allows you to make monthly auto payments for your vehicle, rather than pay the large lump sum upfront. We’re highlighting the financing process at Patriot Buick GMC.

The Benefits of Shopping Used

We have a wide selection of quality used cars at our dealership. Typically, used vehicles are much more affordable than new ones. When shopping with a limited budget, this can give you so many more options to choose from. Plus, you may even find vehicles with premium features and amenities that you couldn’t have added to a new model. Since a used vehicle is more affordable, its added costs are typically more affordable too, such as auto insurance, registration costs, and more.

How Financing Works

Financing refers to securing a loan for your vehicle, rather than buying it and paying the total investment upfront. When you finance a vehicle, an outside lending institution will loan you the money to cover the cost of your vehicle. Then, that total investment will be divided into equal monthly installments over a predetermined term. Your term refers to the total length of your loan. Most loans last two to eight years. Your monthly payments will also include an interest rate, which is a fee that you must pay your lending institution.

  • A shorter loan will typically be more affordable, as you will pay less interest.
  • A longer loan will normally cost more but have lower monthly payments.

Getting Approved

Interested in financing a used vehicle? First, you must meet with the financial experts at our Buick finance center. We will start by collecting your buying criteria. This helps us determine how much you can afford. Then, we will submit that information to the lending institutions we work with. Finally, we’ll present you with the offers we have received, allowing you to determine which loan works best with your budgets and needs.

  • Employment and income
  • Debt-to-income ratio
  • Credit score

Ready to finance a used car? Start by visiting our Buick dealership in Boyertown, PA to peruse our inventory. Then, we’re happy to get you approved during your visit. You could be driving home in a quality used vehicle today!